15 tricks and prompts to get the most out of ChatGPT

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ChatGPT is a powerful and widely used artificial intelligence tool that operates as a chatbot, now powered by GPT-4, capable of generating text and conversing with humans based on initial text inputs. With this technology, users can create content, answer questions, search for information, translate text, summarize information, and more. However, users may not be aware of how to maximize its potential. This article will provide 23 tips and prompts to help users leverage ChatGPT’s capabilities and achieve better results.

In this article, we will explore all the possibilities of ChatGPT, from how to formulate your questions to how to customize your responses and integrate it with other applications. The focus is on mastering this tool and making it an ally for marketing projects or simply for fun. We will share the tips and tricks that will make your life easier when using ChatGPT.

The following are some of the best tricks to make the most out of ChatGPT. By using them, you can turn it into a powerful tool that can assist you with your daily tasks.

Using ChatGPT with WhatsApp

ChatGPT has a strong integration capability with other applications and platforms. One example is its integration with WhatsApp through a website called God in a Box. This integration enables users to have a conversation with the GPT-based AI directly from WhatsApp, as if it were just another contact.

Planning a trip with ChatGPT

Another useful trick is asking ChatGPT to plan a travel itinerary. Users can request recommendations for the best places to visit at a destination, while specifying the time available to visit them.

Getting gifts ideas

ChatGPT can be a useful tool when searching for gift ideas. The fashion chatbot can process data such as the recipient’s age, gender, and interests to provide gift options.

Movie titles or songs recommendations

It can also assist users in discovering new movies or music genres based on their preferences. Users can specify their favorite genre or author and receive a varied list of recommendations, making it a powerful tool for literature or music enthusiasts.

Create a poem

ChatGPT can unleash the creative side of users by writing a poem on a requested topic. It can even include people or famous figures.

Summarize texts

For longer texts that may be difficult to read or require a summary, ChatGPT can be useful for simplifying concepts. Users can send a long text to ChatGPT and request a summary in just a few words. This can be particularly helpful when time is limited.

Translating text to other languages

ChatGPT can also be used to translate texts into a variety of languages, making it a useful tool for language learners or anyone in need of translation services.

Content creation ideas for social media or video platforms

For content creators, ChatGPT can generate creative and original text based on a specified topic or objective. This feature can be particularly useful for social media posts or video scripts.

Creating spreadsheets

ChatGPT has the capability to generate tables based on user input. By specifying the table’s title and columns, ChatGPT can fill in the most appropriate data and relevant information.

Integration with Google Sheets

For those using Google Sheets, an extension called Chat G Sheets can be installed to integrate ChatGPT with Google Sheets. This integration allows users to generate data or formulas directly from the spreadsheet using ChatGPT’s technology.

Using wildcards in your prompts

Many users may not be aware of the various symbols that can be used as wildcards, such as asterisks (*) or question marks (?), which can be used to indicate to ChatGPT to fill in the appropriate words based on the context.

Creating lists with organized data

ChatGPT is also proficient in generating lists based on user input. Users can provide ChatGPT with the name of a list and the criteria that each element must meet, and it will generate a list ordered according to those criteria.

Creating articles with specific copywriting techniques

ChatGPT can use specific copywriting techniques to generate articles based on user objectives. Users can provide ChatGPT with the editorial text structure they would like to use for their article.

Getting ideas on article headings

For content creators looking to grab their audience’s attention, ChatGPT can generate multiple possible titles based on the specified topic or main idea.

Creating a chatbot

ChatGPT can also be used to create chatbots for businesses or projects. Users can specify the name, purpose, and tone of the virtual agent. Typically, other companies’ technology that has already integrated the GPT API is used to create these chatbots.

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