Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 review

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Introducing the Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8, in-ear TWS headphones that feature a unique transparent design and offer up to 30 hours of battery life.

Exterior design

The Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 come with a transparent charging case that partially reveals the internal circuitry, along with a pair of transparent wireless earbuds. The case’s aesthetics may not be universally appealing, but the overall look improves in person. The earbuds are available in purple, pink, sky blue, green, black, or transparent, all with a clear case that allows a glimpse of the interior.

The antenna on the upper edge visually stands out and enables Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and TWS interconnectivity for a completely wireless experience. However, they only support AAC and SBC codecs, with the higher bitrate aptX codec noticeably missing.

Sound quality and specs

The Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 are equipped with a pair of 10 mm and 6 mm drivers, offering a balanced sound across the 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range. They have a sensitivity of 106 dB, which is standard for TWS headphones.

The earbuds have a built-in 45 mAh battery that promises up to 7 hours of continuous use. The charging case extends the battery life to 30 hours, thanks to its 480 mAh battery. It takes approximately 1 hour to fully charge the earbuds, while the case requires 1.5 hours.

The charging case features an LED screen that displays the charging status of both the case and the earbuds. The earbuds are magnetically secured on either side, making them easy to remove and firmly held in place when attached.

Use Experience

The Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 provide a well-balanced sound, with controlled bass, bright and well-defined treble, and acceptable midrange performance. The soundstage is good for TWS headphones, although the lack of a high-definition codec for high-quality audio sources is noticeable.

Their battery life is around 7 hours at 75% volume, and the charging case allows for multiple charges, ensuring the promised 30-hour battery life is achievable.

Acefast Crystal 2 Earbuds T8 review

Conclusion on the Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8

The standout feature of the Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 is their unique transparent design, available in six eye-catching finishes to suit individual preferences. While the sound quality may not impress audiophiles, the average user will find it satisfactory, though aptX codec compatibility would have been a welcome addition for more detailed audio.

These earbuds are available for purchase on the official website for $69.99. While not overly expensive, there is considerable competition in the market, with some rivals offering better sound quality. However, the distinguishing factor of the Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 is their distinct design.

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