We offer contributors a unique opportunity to submit their writings for a potential publication in our site. It is the ideal starting point for people at the beginning of their writing career journey providing they have strong enthusiasm for research and writing and wanted to leverage our audience potential sharing high-quality content to thousands of readers. At the bottom of your article, it will have your name, linking to your professional social media page.

Before starting, each collaborator is required to go over our writing standards thoroughly. Please make sure you understand and follow the instructions below.

Article guidelines

  1. We expect more than 800 words from the posts you write for us.
  2. We admit a maximum of 2 outbound links in your content. The linking site must be a major news site or an authority in the subject of your article, containing relevant material referencing and strengthening your arguments. This should not be used for commercial purposes or affiliate marketing practices.
  3. The article should be aligned with our topical focus. We can consider your work for publication as long as the subject is not about gambling, betting, smoking, weed, sex or pornography.
  4. We reserve the right to remove any link from the publication that we understand does not meet the requirements, and likewise, include others that we understand reinforce and increase the value of the message.
  5. The content needs to include subheadings to keep a good readability and sense of structure.
  6. The collaborator ensures the resulting article is fact checked and free of copyright.
  7. The article is original with 0% plagiarism. Therefore, any paragraph or sentence structure should resemble any other content available online.
  8. The write-up must start with an attention-grabbing opening, then transition into precise content and get right to the point. The writer needs to keep a logical cadence of ideas between paragraphs to ensure reader’s engagement.
  9. Titles and sub-titles should include a relevant and eye-catching connection to the section’s content.
  10. Be sure to include the author’s biography, which should contain information about the person’s extensive experience, any notable professional accomplishments.
  11. There is no limit in the number of articles you can submit, as long as it meets the requirements listed here.
  12. Articles providing solutions to well-known problems are proven to be more effective to catch the reader’s attention. We favor those type of articles.

Why writing for us?

You can benefit from the following perks when you contribute with our website:

  • You will be able to improve the visits to your social media channels from the article you create for us. We receive a vast number of readers that will in turn be visiting your profile.
  • As a result of the previous point, you will benefit from the visibility and you will start getting followers to your work.
  • It is really beneficial for the development of organic search traffic for your content to link back to your website inside the write-up.
  • Your ability to link back to articles you have previously written on our site has proven to be an incredibly successful strategy for growing the number of people who read your website by expanding your audience base.
  • All the articles we publish are permanent. You can use this as a portfolio of your work. Which means, you can always have these as your own personal reference.
  • If you write for us, the exposure of your personal brand and the information you produce will be presented to the eyes and ears of our readership. It will also aid you in efficiently raising the number of readers who follow your blog.
  • Your work will be considered for featured spots on our website, depending on the quality of your writing. This will put you on the spotlight and contribute to leverage your professional achievements even more. Bragging rights are always yours.

How to become a contributor?

After taking into consideration all the aforementioned guidelines, you are only a few steps away from becoming a contributor. Just head to our Contact us page and write a small message about why you wish to become a contributor. Make sure you correctly add your email address in the field, along with your name. We will be replying back in no time.

If you are unsure about the topic you wish to write about, just wait until we have our conversation. We got you covered! and will help you with that.

This can be an awesome opportunity to spread your wings professionally and receiving that job offer you have always wanted. Also, we see it as a chance to meet amazing people and the great talent that generally comes with them. We recognize the great value and effort behind a well-written article, and therefore never neglect the opportunity to extend good contributors the offer to stay permanently with us as part of our team of writers.