About us

Technology is truly breathtaking in how quickly it evolves and progresses. Yesterday’s achievements are already a thing of the past, and tomorrow’s advancements are so clearly within grasp. For many of us though, that’s nice and all, but we’re still struggling with the current set of tech. If you’re one of these people, then don’t worry, here at Galaxy PC Tech we’re ready to help.

Galaxy PC Tech is dedicated to helping the common man and woman to get through their daily tech related issues. Everyone’s faced errors and issues when using tech, where troubleshooting simply doesn’t work. Forget fixing them, even looking at the issue can bring you frustration and salt.

We’d like to prevent that from happening, giving you the assistance you need in these situations. So, how do we do that exactly? We make guides, step-by-step tutorials that help you solve every issue imaginable. We’re always adding to our list of fixes with new articles and guides going up every single day. Rest assured, if your issue isn’t here now, it’ll be up soon enough.

A little bit of background

Galaxy PC Tech began its life as a small collection of guides mainly intended for friends. Meant more for convenience than anything, we’d steadily improve at making guides. We figured out exactly where people were struggling with their issues, and tailor made our tutorials to better suit beginners based on what we found. We applied everything we learned until the guides became entirely foolproof even in the hands of beginners.

As the number of tutorials grew, people began to suggest we compile them onto a website for easier access and archiving purposes. A site that anyone could visit in order to find a fix they needed. We thought this was a great idea.

As we started the website, we were happy that anyone at all was getting assistance from the site. Eventually however, these helpful little guide started to gain traction. It turns out, we had greatly underestimated the number of people who struggled with common issues. Traffic to our site began increasing at a staggering rate, and we were ecstatic to see it.

From there, we saw the opportunity to expand further. While our main focus would still be on guides and helping the everyman get their computer functioning again, we’d also diversify a little. Use our writer’s technical expertise to analyze technology and go in-depth with our observations.

Thanks to our experience writing beginner friendly guides, we were able to expand this to our analysis and troubleshooting articles as well, making them a hit with guests. Newfound success allowed us to begin hiring and training more writers for the site to have more content more often. All of this would eventually build up, leading to the Galaxy PC Tech you know and love today.

Our mission

Ever since the day we started Galaxy PC Tech, our mission has been simple. To help people facing tech-related issues in the most stress-less way possible. Allowing beginners to troubleshoot their own systems with guides that take you step-by-step, and helping the everyman understand more about how their tech works. So far, we’ve been doing a decent job.

Galaxy PC Tech hasn’t stopped or slowed down since its inception either. Our writing team has expanded since our early days, and we make sure every writer is trained and curated properly. Through this we get to avoid issues where some sites have writers with incredibly different styles. We want knowledge from our guides to carry over easily, the last thing we need is readers getting confused.

As an extension of this, we also have an open contact channel at all times. We’re here to help, and in  case an issue people have isn’t listed on the site, we’re happy to get information on it and replicate it. From here, we can research why it happens and the simplest ways to fix it. It’s simply a matter of time before we post a guide then.

All of these efforts and endeavors are in service of helping the common man get their stuff working. We appreciate that we can make a living off of this, but that doesn’t change our stance. We will always focus on helping people, and making things easier for end users.

We’re happy that users have reciprocated accordingly, with many people sending us their issues through our contact channels. Having these documented makes it easier for us to reach our goal, and as such we have to thank you all for helping make things more tangible than they ever could be.

Our guarantee

When you visit Galaxy PC Tech, we guarantee to you that you’ll be satisfied with what you get. We will never ask you to pay for the information on our site. Our product and technology analysis are all done without bias, and will always give you our honest thoughts on them. Every analysis is done with a thorough and thoughtful eye, and we’ll never post half-baked content.

We’re also happy to receive any criticism as long as it’s fair. Simply send us your thoughts via any of our open contact channels and we’ll do our best to address them. Do be thorough and detailed so it’s easier for us to make changes if needed. Same goes for if you see any mistakes on the site, feel free to notify us as needed.

Galaxy PC Tech is also glad to help you if our fixes don’t completely help with your issue. We actually support messaging us through our open channels in these cases. Somebody out there is surely facing the same issue as you, and by helping you, we can help them too.

Proudly part of the Galaxy PC Media group

Galaxy PC Tech is under Galaxy PC Media group, which provides us with a publishing structure so that we can carry out all our research and editorial activities and articles you see here today. They allow us to do what we do without needing to pester our readers for compensation. With them, hope to continue bringing you great content as we always have. Stick around on Galaxy PC Tech for more as technology goes on!