The best programs to recover deleted files on the computer

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Looking to recover deleted files? We’ve compiled a list of the best available applications for file recovery on computers. In each section, we will discuss the features, price, and compatibility with various operating systems, with a focus on Windows 10 and Windows 11. While some of these tools are multi-platform, our emphasis will be on these two operating systems.

If you’re looking to recover deleted videos on your PC, we’ve compiled a list of the best programs available. While some of these options are paid, they offer the ability to scan your storage and verify that deleted files can be restored. Here are our best candidates:

  • Data Recovery Wizard
  • Disk Drill
  • Glarysoft File Recovery
  • Recuva
  • Recoverit
  • TestDisk
  • Windows File Recovery

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a data recovery software that can restore deleted or lost files on almost any storage device, including hard drives, USB drives, and SD cards. It can scan and reconstruct hundreds of different types of files, such as videos, audios, photos, and documents.

This software is available for both Windows and macOS users. It offers a free version that allows users to recover up to 500 MB of data. Additionally, there is a paid version that includes advanced features such as data loss prevention, backup, and disk cloning. It is a user-friendly solution for recovering deleted videos and other types of data.

Check it on their official website.


Recuva is a program that allows you to recover accidentally deleted videos or files lost due to a system failure. In addition to video files, it can also recover other types of files such as photos, music, and documents. Its user-friendly wizard allows you to select the location of the files, whether it’s internal storage, memory cards, external hard drives, or USB drives.

This program is available for Windows and is very easy to use. Simply select the disk or device where you want to search for lost files, and a list of recoverable files will appear. The advanced mode allows you to filter the results by name, date, or size. There is also a paid version available, although the program can be used fully without paying anything.

Check it out here.

Windows File Recovery

Windows File Recovery is an official Microsoft tool that allows you to recover deleted videos from your computer, USB drive, memory card, or any other storage device. One advantage of this application is that it supports a wide range of files, from photos to documents, and of course, videos.

This is a command-line tool that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store by searching for “Windows File Recovery”. Once installed, the user can enter a command with the source drive, destination drive, and parameters to use. It has different recovery modes depending on the type of file and the disk’s condition. The tool is free, but it may be somewhat complex for users unfamiliar with command-line interfaces. Microsoft provides official documentation that can be consulted for a better understanding of how it works.


Recoverit is a data recovery software that facilitates the recovery of deleted videos. It is compatible with all types of files, including photos, documents, and emails. It supports internal and external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, and other devices.

Unfortunately, the free version of this software has limitations, allowing users to recover only up to 100 MB of data, which may not be sufficient for recovering deleted videos. To recover more data or access advanced features, users can upgrade to the premium version which offers different recovery modes based on their needs.

Read more on their official website.

Glarysoft File Recovery

Glarysoft File Recovery is a free software utility that can restore almost all types of files, including photos, documents, videos, and more. Its interface is user-friendly, with a wizard mode that guides users through the recovery process. It first scans for possible deleted videos to recover and then offers users the option to save them to a location of their choice. Glarysoft File Recovery is compatible with virtually all versions of Windows and supports the FAT, NTFS, and NTFS + EFS file systems.


TestDisk is a free data recovery software that allows users to recover lost partitions. Additionally, it includes an interesting feature that helps fix boot disks. It supports FAT, NTFS, and ext file systems.

It is worth noting that this application works from the command line, which may seem intimidating at first. However, mastering this tool is quite easy by following the on-screen prompts.

Read more about it here.

Data Recovery Wizard

Finally, let’s talk about Data Recovery Wizard. Like the other tools mentioned, this software helps you recover deleted videos, whether they were accidentally deleted, lost due to accidental formatting, or affected by a virus. The program works by scanning the drive or directory and identifying recoverable files. You can search for deleted videos on hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, or digital cameras.

The software is user-friendly and features an intuitive interface. It includes two scanning modes: quick scan and deep scan, to cater to different needs and situations. Another advantage is that it can be used not only on Windows but also on macOS. Overall, the recovery process is straightforward and accessible to users of all levels of expertise.

You can check it out here.

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