How to factory reset your Asus router

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Asus routers are robust and easy to configure, and will allow you to manage a large number of clients under the same connection in addition to managing their bandwidth. However, sometimes there may be a problem preventing you to enter the password and login credentials for the connection or becoming inoperative in the software side. From all the alternatives that we can find on the internet, one of the most effective is resetting the router to factory settings.

How can I factory reset an Asus router step by step?

It is possible to reset an Asus branded router to return it to its factory settings and thus regain control of it. But since there are several Asus router models, we are going to group them in smaller groups to have a solution according to each model.

Guide 1

For this guide you can visit the list of compatible models on the Asus website. If the model of your router appears in the list, follow these steps:

  • Press the router’s on/off button until it turns off.
  • Press the button called WPS and leave it pressed
  • Press the power button and hold it down
  • At this point you should be holding both buttons at the same time and you will only release the buttons when the WPS LED is blinking.
  • After a few seconds this LED will turn off and the factory reset process will take place.

Guide 2

Do not worry if your router did not appear among those compatible with the first method, we continue investigating and for those of the following models you must do this:

  • Turn off the router
  • Press the WPS button at the same time you press the power button.
  • You will see that the power light indicator is on. It turns on and after a moment turns off, during this moment you must release the buttons.
  • After the light has come on, restart the router by turning it off and on normally after 1 minute.

Guide 3: Rebooting an Asus Lyra Trio or Lyra Mini Router

How to factory reset your Asus router Asus Lyra Trio

For these two specific routers, Asus has implemented a new restart system, which is practiced as follows:

  • Remove the power cable from the router.
  • Press and hold the “Link” button.
  • Plug the power cord into the router.
  • When the LED that indicates power flashes red, release the “Link” button.
  • When the process is finished, the light that was flashing red will change to blue, indicating that the process is finished.

Guide 4: Reset an Asus Lyra Voice Router

How to factory reset your Asus router. Asus Lyra Voice.

In the case of Lyra Voice routers, the procedure changes a bit, but following these steps will have your router up and running in no time:

  • Remove power from the router
  • Press the Configure button (you must keep it pressed).
  • Plug the power into the router.
  • Wait approximately 6 seconds and the power status light will turn purple and flash, then 30 seconds later it will turn red.
  • When the light is red you can release the Configure button, so the router will reboot and start with its factory settings.

Guide 5

We have also found a group of DSL type routers that have a new reboot standard, running like this:

  • Remove power from the router
  • Press and hold the WPS button at the same time you press the power button (you release the latter at that moment, without keeping pressed).
  • Connect the router to the power, you will see that the LED light will begin to blink after 5 seconds.
  • When the LED stops flashing release the WPS button.

Guide 6: Reset an Asus router type RT-AC5300

Reseting Asus RT-AC5300 router

For this type of Asus router, the method is more or less similar:

  • Turn off the router using the power button.
  • Press and hold the WPS button
  • Press the power button (don’t hold).
  • Wait about 10 seconds and you will see the power light blink and turn off.
  • Release the button and turn the router off and on again.

Guide 7: How to reset ZenWifi routers

These router models have their own reset mode, which is somewhat more complicated compared to the others, but if you follow the steps carefully you will be successful. These steps are for the Asus routers with the following models: XD4, XD6 and XT8.

  • Disconnect the router from the electrical source.
  • Press and hold the WPS button while you reconnect the power cord.
  • The LED light will change to white, green and finally it will turn off, at this moment release the WPS button.
  • Turn on the router and it will already have been factory restored. You need to release the button just as the light goes out.

My Asus router has been factory reset, now what?

If your router had a configuration problem, you could now follow the steps in the user manual to configure it again. For the latter case, follow these steps:

  • Open your web browser, for example, Google Chrome.
  • Connect your router to the PC through the LAN cable to its Ethernet port (you won’t be able to use Wi-Fi yet).
  • In the browser enter the gateway of the router, which is an IP address that is specified in its manual, for example,, or, just to name a few.
  • In the username and password field enter “admin” as user and “admin” as password or else “root” and “root” for username and password respectively.
  • Once inside the router settings you can set a new password, activate or deactivate the 2.4 or 5 GHz networks, see who connects to it, among other functions. Remember to save the changes with the “Save” or “Ok” confirmation button.

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